The new liquid feeding system for all solid substrates in your biogas plant

Compared to conventional systems, the Liquimix offers exceptional performance and a high-precision macerator.

The Liquimix liquid feeding system with its unique construction and control mechanism is able to macerate all solid substrates intended for biogas plants. It creates a liquid substrate through mixing solid substrate with digester content. 

How does it work?

Solid substrate is loaded into the hopper with a wheel loader. Two breaker bars, together with a screw feeder, transport the solid substrate evenly to a macerator system and then to the mixing chamber. Upon entering the mixing chamber the macerator system macerates the substrate, then controlled mixing with an added liquid (digester content) creates an homogenous, mashed bio-suspension. The mixing chamber also takes care of separating and extracting contaminants. The mashed bio-suspension is finally sprinkled onto the substrate surface inside the digester via a screw pump and patented Sauter Biogas sprinkling nozzles. 

Exceptional performance

The Liquimix was designed  so that solids can be processed at high speeds without the need for a storage bunker. Even if hard to process solids such as gras silage are being handled, the Liquimix is able to process at least 20 tons per hour, and even more of other solids are being used. 

Robust technology

The Liquimix features a large and robust design. High qualilty materials and components guarantees a long service life. All drives are powered by proven electronic geared motors. When selecting the ideal pump system we draw upon our extensive experience gained through the development of our sprinkling system. 

At a glance

» No vulnerable storage bunker for solids required

» Built-in precision macerating system efficiently macerates solids 

» The Liquimix´s location can be chosen independently from the location of the digester and it can supply several digesters

» Sauter Biogas sprinkling nozzles evenly distribute the mashed bio-suspension inside the digester